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Prime Source Entertainment Group has been in business sinceand our wedding bands are so exceptional that they will make the difference between a normal wedding, and an unforgettable wedding.

A songwriter is a professional that writes lyrics or musical compositions for songs.A songwriter can also be called a composer, although the latter term tends to be used mainly for individuals from the classical music genre and Film Scoring.

The pressure from the music industry to produce popular hits means that songwriting is often an activity for which the tasks are distributed between a. The Songwriter Agency, Inc. is a diversified music company specializing in the ownership of entertainment Jump to.

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Facebook. Arts & Entertainment in Nashville, Tennessee. ABOUT THE SONGWRITER AGENCY, INC. home. Artist Management + Music Marketing. Pop l Electronic l DJs l Indie l Rock l Country. Seattle l Nashville l Los Angeles.

Established inThe Arrow Music Agency has had a focused mission to create, develop, market, and expand the business model of artists at all career levels. Erina Yoshinaga. Erina is a singer, songwriter, producer and composer.

She released her first album, “Based on love” inand produced and directed her first musical show, “An Ugly Bird” in

Songwriting agents in nashville
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