Race based jury nullification

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8 Jury Nullification Objections Rebutted

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Paul Butler (professor)

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Jan 22,  · Race-Based Jury Nullification Join Ray Suarez for a discussion of the principle of jury nullification. English Civil and Common Law has always had a provision that allows a jury to acquit an.

Jury Nullification, Race, and The Wire ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James M. Keneally is a partner in the firm of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, specializing in white collar criminal defense. Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict of "Not Guilty" despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged.

The jury in effect nullifies a law that it believes is either immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant whose fate they are charged with deciding. When. An explanation of jury nullification, and in particular race based jury nullification, is that it is a method whereby juries nullify unfair laws by declaring guilty defendants not guilty.

Race based nullification is where a jury acquits and individual based on their race. Jury Nullification, Race, and The Wire ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James M. Keneally is a partner in the firm of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, specializing in. includes selective jury nullification for victimless crimes.

I am going to spend the balance of my time talking about selective jury nullification because it is part of my solution to the unfairness in the criminal justice system. Mike Wallace did a segment on 60 Minutes about my scholar-ship on jury nullification.

Race based jury nullification
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Race and the American Judicial System: A Critical Analysis I The Hampton Institute