Duke tomosynthesis symposium

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Apr 17,  · Mammography BR3D Phantom For Tomosynthesis and Breast CT The CIRS Model BR3D Mammography Phantom was designed to assess detectability of various size lesions within a tissue equivalent, complex, heterogeneous View Full Source.

Digital Tomosynthesis: A Viable Alternative to Noncontrast Computed Tomography for the Follow-Up of Nephrolithiasis? 10th International Symposium On Urolithiasis National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases ; Duke University Hospital.

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1st International Invasive Lobular Cancer (ILC) Symposium. Steffi Oesterreich, Ph.D. Duke Urology Residents, Duke Fellows, Duke Professors, and friends of Duke Urology, I welcome you to a new chapter in DYSURIA's future and our goal of reconnecting DYSURICs to the current Duke Urology.

Tomosynthesis is a form of limited-angle computed tomography that is receiving considerable interest from researchers and clinicians alike.

Tomosynthesis can be used in a wide range of clinical applications, including diagnostic imaging (such as breast, chest, abdominal, orthopedic, and dental) as well as radiation therapy (IMRT and IGRT).

In the present study, the limits of agreement for every observer for measurements on chest tomosynthesis and CT images were wider than their corresponding intraobserver variability for the modalities, indicating that the use of modalities interchangeably calls for caution.

Duke tomosynthesis symposium
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